Conditions of use for the website.

Greetings! We are delighted to have found you here on our website. We have outlined some terms and conditions of use for the website to make sure that your experience online is a timely and precious one.

While using this website, we would like to believe you gratefully accept the terms of use for this website.


In all the agreements that take place, ‘You’, ‘Your’ and ‘Client’ refers to nobody but you while you are accessing our website and accepting all our terms and conditions. All terms check with the supply, acceptance and thought of payment required to undertake the procedure of our help to the customers within the most applicable manner.

License and Cookies

The licensors of PAKSEO possess intellectual property and material rights on this website. All these rights are reserved. You can possibly print out pages from our website: but there are some restrictions that you have to be careful about. We also avail the use of cookies. When you use our website, you actually agree with the usage of cookies as per our privacy policy.

Below are listed some main points that you have to refrain from:

  1. Reissue materials from the website:
  2. Sub-license, offer or give material for rent from
  3. Republish, copy or duplicate material from

Rights Reservation

We hold the right in order to request you to remove any particular link or all such links to our website. Not only this, you would immediately agree and remove all links to PAKSEO upon the request made. We also hold the right to make changes to these terms and conditions along with its policy at any moment. For establishing a connection with our website, you abide by all our policies and our terms and conditions.

Hyper-texting to PAKSEO’s Content

The organizations mentioned below don’t need approval for linking to our website:

  • News organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Systemwide Accredited Businesses
  • Search engines

The above-mentioned organizations can link to publications or can link to the information of other websites as long as the link does not imply sponsorship in a falsemanner and the link is not deceptive in any way. In addition, only the below-mentioned organizations can be considered when it comes to approving additional link requests:

  • Business or consumer information sources
  • Internet portals
  • com community sites, etc.

These organizations would only be considered if they ensure that the link would not prove to be unsuitable for us. The organizations that have been approved may hyperlink to the content of our website in the following steps:

  1. Using our corporate name
  2. Using the web address that is being linked to
  3. Using more description of PAKSEO.NET

Furthermore, the use of the logo of PAKSEO.NET will be allowed and approved for linking trademark license agreement.

Accountability for content

We shall not be held accountable for any content that appears on your particular website. You must agree to defend and compensate our claims that are founded upon your website. The appearance of any link on the pages of your website that may contain materials or content like obscene or explicit which violates the breach of third-party rights will not be allowed.